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Interim Pastor :  Pastor Richard Adams

Tuesday & Wednesday  1pm - 3pm @ St. Stephen's Lutheran Church  717-436-6989

Monday & Thursday 8:30am - 12Noon @ Port Royal Lutheran Church   717-527-4581

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St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Licking Creek, PA    

 Our Mission:

To serve God by serving each other and our neighbors, as we share the Gospel of Christ in word and deed.

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History of St. Stephen's 

On February 25, 1861, a planning committee met to establish a new Lutheran Church Congregation in the Licking Creek Valley of Mifflintown, PA.  The first building was erected on land donated by Samuel Aughey, Sr. and dedicated "to the services of the Triune God according to the forms of the Evangelical Lutheran Church" on December 8, 1861.  There were 54 members and Rev. R.H. Fetcher (1861 - 1867) served as minister.

On April 29, 1874, the name of St. Stephen's Evangelical Lutheran Church was officially adopted.  The current brick building, replacing the original frame structure, was dedicated on May 15, 1887 under the ministry of Rev. Philip Graif (1885 - 1890).

March 5, 1914, a storm blew off the original steeple and bell tower.  The steeple was finally replaced on May 15, 1999 and the entire church building was re-dedicated on September 19, 1999.

Over the years, renovations were needed to update the building.  The addition of the Sunday School/Social area to the rear of the church and additional parking lot was made in 1953.  The basement was constructed in 1965.  Later, a remodeled church office and additional Sunday School rooms led to the expansion of the original social area in 1990 - 1991.

July 1, 1977, the Mifflintown Lutheran Parish, which included St. Stephen's and Messiah Lutheran Church, was dissolved into separate parishes, each having their own pastor.  The Rev. Lawrence M. Guenzel was the first minister of St. Stephen's congregation as their own parish. A total of 20 pastors have served the congregation since 1861.

St. Stephens currently serves a total of 440 baptized members and 321 confirmed members.


Pastors that served St. Stephen's since 1861:

Rev. R.H. Fetcher (1861  -1867),  Rev. J.B. Anthony (1867 - 1870),   Rev. D.M. Blackwelder (1870 - 1876),  

Rev. E.E. Berry (1876 - 1885),  Rev. Philip Graif (1885 - 1890),  Rev. H.C. Holloway (1890 - 1896),  Rev. W.H. Fahs (1896 - 1911),

Rev. E.M. Morgan (1911 - 1918),  Rev. J.E. Shewell (1918 - 1918),  Rev. Thomas E. Shearer (1918 - 1921), 

Rev. C.H. Day (1922 - 1924),   Rev. J.M. Rearick (1924 - 1930),  Rev. Dr. Paul W. DeLauter (1930 - 1972),

Rev. John C. Pretz (1972 - 1977),   Rev. Lawrence M. Guenzel (1977 - 1982),  Rev. Richard A. Rissmiller (1983 - 1984),

Rev. Donald B. Warner (1985 - 1988),  Rev. Paul L. Kampa (1988 - 1995),  Rev. Louise A. Knotts (1966 - 2006),

Rev. Chris Mathiason (2006-2020)